2018 Events

Everyone the 2018 events I submitted for ACP have been approved. Dates are as follows:

Harlingen Soccer Complex (register now) http://www.rgvrandos.org/events/

2018/01/13 100 km, 200 and 300

Port Isabel Lighthouse (register now) http://www.rgvrandos.org/events/

2018/01/27 RUSAP  121 km, 200 and 300

Locations to be determined (5 more dates)

2018/02/24, 2018/03/17, 2018/04/14, 2018/05/19, 2018/09/29 100 km, 200 and 300

I plan to add some Sunday populaires also so stay tuned.

I did my best in picking dates that might not conflict with other events but that can be very hard, since my events must be submitted very early (9 months early) Reminder that 2019 is a Paris Brest Paris (PBP) year so ACP will be important for riders trying to qualify for 2019. So we might see some more riders from other locations coming down to ride.

The calendar will be the busiest ever for me as a RBA, but I’m up for it. Lots of events and I will add more non ACP events such as Populaires. 100K, 200K, 300K and a new 400K.

Expected approval on new 400K very soon.

I spent quite some time working out logistics on the Harlingen Soccer Complex. For now it looks good for the 100 and 200K but for the 300K we’ll need to park down the road.

Oh yeah, still looking for volunteers. If you volunteer you can still ride the event early or right after as I often do to get credit. Even a small group if you agree to volunteer. This gives you some flexibility if you want.

As always everything you want to know about RUSA is here: www.rusa.org

Please consider registering as a RUSA member for 2018 on the website. We need to get our membership up for the RGV. We have a LOT of riders but not too many members.

2017 was easily a record year for RGV Randos and it’s not even over yet! I’m looking forward to 2018 being even better.

Thanks for your support and riding.

Richard Cavin. South Texas RBA, RGV Randos


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