August 20th 2017 109K Rando – El Roboto

I’d like to thank everyone for participating in the largest event for RGV Randos, especially on a Sunday! We had 90 riders, now I need to order more pins (yoohoo)! Special thanks to my friend Eddie Ramirez who helped at the event.

The weather was typical south Texas for August. Very hot and humid in the morning and then hot and windy starting mid morning.

We had a few riders get off route but in general everyone did great, especially the first time riders.

As always, special thanks to the Brownsville Velos group as they have been the most dedicated group of Rando riders in South Texas for a long time. Also thanks to other large groups from Brownsville who showed up and participated.

Special kudos to Sebastian Gonzalez of Brownsville who completed his first Rando at the age of nine. I hear he kept having to wait on his dad 😉 I expect to see Sebastian complete a 200K soon, he’s that good and loves riding.

Late this year I will be making a push to have riders join RUSA. Perks of membership are outlined on the RUSA website.

Thanks to everyone for keeping the sport of Randonneuring alive in South Texas. There will be at least two more events in 2017 with routes of 100K up to 300K. I’m already working on the 2018 schedule with even more events!

Here are some links with more info, you can join RUSA if desired. The sport of randonneuring first started in France in the 1890s and at one time was bigger than the Tour de France. It is still very popular in France.

Richard Cavin, South Texas RBA (RGV Randos)

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