Routes (Permanents)

This page lists all the RUSA permanents approved for the RGV area. These routes can be ridden at any time by contacting the route administrator. Currently¬†(Richard Cavin) is the administrator of all the permanents in the RGV. If you would like to create a permanent and be an administrator please visit the RUSA website for more info. At reading the info and you would still like to design routes and be an admin¬†I’d love to help you out. Just contact me at

More info here:

Link to Currently Approved RUSA Permanents

Current permanent routes on Ride with GPS in the RGV:

Sunny Cien – 100K

San Man 133K

RGV 150

Buff Bellied 100K

Port Isabel 200K

Port Isabel – 300K

Richard Cavin, RBA