July 8, 2017 Event (109K Populaire, 201K or 301K Brevet)


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RGV Randos - Harlingen, 109K, 205K or 301K (Harlingen Soccer Complex)

Wheels Down 5:00 AM or 7:00 AM

Harlingen Soccer Complex, 4515 East Harrison Road, Harlingen, TX 78550

Now free! Donate $5 if you would like, but not required

RGV Randos - Richard Cavin / rwc5830@gmail.com

Hello everyone,

Start and end in Harlingen, TX at the Soccer Complex on Hwy 106. Restrooms are available and are typically open.

Wheels down at 5:00 AM for 200K or 300K route which is the official start time of the ride. For riders doing the 100K route it is wheels down at 7:00 AM.

Because of the early start don’t forget lights and reflective gear, they are REQUIRED for night riding and highly suggested for days.

Once you register you will be taken to the routes page and emailed info.


Richard Cavin

Look who's coming: Rachel Kram, Rosalinda Garcia, Joe Jaime, Elizabeth Maciel, Elvia Avila, Edgar Gaucin, Miguel G. Ortiz, Kathryn Polt, Jennifer Kilgore , Nathan Garcia , violeta alvarado, violeta alvarado, Marilu Anzaldua, Marilu Anzaldua , ALBERTO LUZURIAGA , ALBERTO LUZURIAGA , R Cavin, Alex Lopez, Alex Lopez, Hector Noyola, Alex Martinez, Robert Gonzalez, Alejandro Martínez , Gonzalo Arevalo, Edith Ellorimo

Registration is closed - please check the "Event Schedules" page for future events

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2 comments on “July 8, 2017 Event (109K Populaire, 201K or 301K Brevet)

  1. Hello, would like to know if the registration will be reopened for this event or if registration will be allowed the day of the event.


    Joe Jaime

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