August 19, 2018 Event (109K Pop)


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RGV Randos - Harlingen, TX - Harlingen Soccer Complex

Wheels Down 7:00 AM

Harlingen Soccer Complex - 4515 E Harrison Ave, Harlingen, TX 78550

$5.00 Donation Suggested at Event - Not Required if you are a Current RUSA Member

RGV Randos - Richard Cavin /

NOTICE: Event is full, you're welcome to show up and register on site but no guarantee of a medal unless we have some riders who do not come.


Next event is Sept 29th, 2018.

Hello everyone,

Start and end in Harlingen, TX at the Harlingen Soccer Complex, 4515 E Harrison Ave, Harlingen, TX 78550. At the event all riders will get a copy of the cue sheet and cue card. All finishers (up to 100 riders) who do the 109K will receive a RUSA Populaire finishers pin (if available) and a special edition RUSA 20th anniversary medal.

RUSA membership not required to ride but suggested. Any RUSA member that completes the ride can order the 20th anniversary cloth patch in addition to the medal.

You will need to be there no later than 6:30 AM and wheels down at 7 AM!

Because of the early start don’t forget lights and reflective gear, they are REQUIRED for night riding and highly suggested for days.

Once you register you will be taken to the routes page and will be emailed info with links to the routes.


Richard Cavin

Look who's coming: Roger Jeffery , Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Rey Martinez, Jose Velasquez, Darlene Bough, Kathryn (Kay) Polt, Edgar Gaucin, Gloria E Priestley , Ausberto Alvarez, Abraham Gonzalez, Sebastian Gonzalez, Alejandro lopez, cesario perez, violeta alvarado, Raquel Adame, Liliana Peña , Alejandro Lopez , Sylvia R. Trevino, Jose Rivera, ben del angel, Adriana E Nash, Margie Hernandez , Anna Lillia Lopez, Candelario Lopez, Gabriela Silva, Gabriela Silva, Carol Rodriguez , Claudia Zapata, Efrain Zamora Jr, Francisca Galan, Eva Ruiz , Ana Bough, José Mario Castillo , Steve Rojas , Gerardo Hernandez Jr, Eliseo Turrubiates, Andres Villalplando, Ivan Verduzco, Sebastian Mata, Martha Mata, Pablo Alaniz, Julian Vera, Jr., Martin Garcia, David Hernandez, Israel lopez, Jose ortiz, James Patrick Killmer, Gloria Tamez, Fred J. Tamez, Alejandro Martinez, JOZ Astorga , Rosy romo, James Chadburn, Abdurrahman Ipekisleyen , Carlos Portales, Dan Reyes, Terry Quinones, Monica Vega, Cynthia, Norma Perez, Edith castaneda, Martha crouch, Anna Ramirez , Eugenio Tovar jr, Iris M Cavazos , Bob Kuenzle, Alejo longoria, Russell Greenidge, Lendell Laxton, Rene Hernandez, Anilia Gonzaba, Salvador Gonzales, Manuel hinojosa, Jorge L. Garza, Charles Avelar, Osvaldo samano, Jenn KIlgore , Edith Ellorimo, Wilfredo Ellorimo , Clare Rodríguez , Joe Aguilar , Rosalinda Garcia, Jose A. Mata, Jossue Guevara , Hector Noyola, Miguel Ortiz, Carlos Y Hernandez, David Rendon, Alex Martinez , Lisa Rocha, Mayela Solana, Michael Aldape, Roberto oliva, Oziel Escobedo , Jose Guadalupe Olivares, John Gonzalez , Eduardo Martinez, Guillermo Tijerina, Héctor guerrero, Rolando Ovalle Jr, TJ Rodriguez, Rosalinda Martinez, ALBERTO LUZURIAGA, Raul, Susana Leal

Registration is closed - please check the "Event Schedules" page for future events

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2 comments on “August 19, 2018 Event (109K Pop)

    1. Yes, although I do not guarantee I will have enough medals. I do have extra cue sheets/cards.

      I have 100 medals and 105 registered, but expect some people will not show up. I encourage you to attend.


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