Jan 13, 2018 Randos

Everyone the Jan 13, 2018 ride at Harlingen Soccer Complex is almost here and the forecast is looking great.

I will be closing registration by noon Friday.

We have riders for the 109K, 200K and 300K. Anyone riding the 300K will need to park behind the Stripes at Hwy 106 and Loop 499 because the soccer complex will not be open late in the evening. (It’s a mile West of the Soccer Complex on route).

Parking for 300K -E. Point Ct Behind Stripes

If you are riding the 300K please call or text me at 956-642-6108 to make sure I’m aware so I can make sure you get your materials and know where to park.

All other riders 100K and 200K will need to meet at the Soccer Complex like normal.

Registration here: http://www.rgvrandos.org/events/

Options are 109K, 204K or 300K. If you are a RUSA member remember to bring your number to put on your card.

All routes are viewable here:


As always everything you want to know about RUSA is here: www.rusa.org

Please consider registering as a RUSA member for 2018 on the website. We need to get our membership up for the RGV. We have a LOT of riders but not too many members.

Thanks for your support and riding.

Richard Cavin. South Texas RBA, RGV Randos
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