Jan 14th 2017 Harlingen Rando

Hello everyone,

For the Jan 14th, 2017 ride in Harlingen, TX we had a total of 45 riders attempt either the 100, 200 or 300K routes. The temps were warmer than normal, with moderate to high winds, some moderate to heavy thunderstorms for some of the riders….but it’s south Texas! There were a lot of new riders and many familiar friends that showed up.

Most of the riders attempted the 109K but we had 3 ride the 200K and 2 ride the 300K. This is only the second time we’ve had an event in Harlingen and the 3 routes were submitted by me and approved by RUSA about a year ago.

Last year I canceled the 200K and 300K due to heavy construction on Hwy 281. Although some of that construction lingers it is nearly completed.

Some for me some highlights:

  • 45 riders is the most I have had at an event since becoming the RBA 3 years ago (very proud of that)
  • The riders that attempted the 200K and 300K were the very first to do those particular routes in Harlingen (so you can always say you were the first!!)
  • Although we have had other riders from the DFW and Houston area ride events in the RGV this was the first time an out of state rider attended one for the RGV Randos. David Jackson drove from Lawton Oklahoma just to do the 300K….and finish it he did.

I feel pretty good about the progress we are making in the RGV for cycling and Randoneurring in general. I especially appreciate all the other riders who spread the word, give me encouragement and help other riders.

The first edition RGV Rando pins continue to be a big hit! I’m happy about that but guess I need to order more 😉

I will be working on the official results this week and post an update.

Congrats to everyone for a great start in 2017. Jan 28th in Edinburg is the next event with another event in Harlingen March 25th. You can register now via the website.

Remember if you want to be a RUSA member you can sign up or renew at www.rusa.org

See you out there on the bike paths, be safe and keep riding. To all the riders who have participated in 2014, 2015, 2016 and now 2017 rides, thanks for being there and keeping the sport of Randonneuring alive in South Texas. More fun will be had in the future.

I will add pictures as I get them and update the post and also post the official results soon.

Richard Cavin

RBA, RGV Randos

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