Jan 30, 2016 Rando

Hello everyone,

For the January 30th, 2016 ride we had 26 riders attempt the 200K with 22 riders finishing the ride. Temps were great but that howling wind of South TX had us in it’s grips starting late morning. The weatherman predicted the wind, I hate it when they are right! Results are posted on the results page. If I missed anyone please let me know since a few of you did not turn in cards.

For this ride we returned to Port Isabel for our start/finish. I appreciate it when everyone followed my suggestion to park in the rear parking lot so the local merchants had those prime parking spots around the lighthouse to service their customers during the day. Thank you!

So if you finished the 200K on a tough WINDY day, great job and those who did not finish it was a difficult day and there will be future opportunities. We also had several riders do their first 200K so that is always nice to see.

Just a big reminder we had some riders who did not have functioning lights and reflective gear at the end of the route….on HWY 100..NOT GOOD, I’m not happy! No excuses next time, don’t assume you will be finished before dark because you never know about flats or the weather. The wind really slowed us down on this one. I finished almost 2 hours behind my best time on this route because of the wind and a sore knee.

It was also good to see so many other riders out riding during the day and the food provided by Patty was welcome at some of the official stops, thanks!

All results will be posted to the RUSA website this weekend.

Due to some changes in RUSA insurance policies the premium I pay for riders insurance has gone up from $2 per rider to $5 per rider. So for future events I need to ask for a $5 donation per rider please. If you are a current RUSA member there is no cost for the insurance and to me. I’d also love to get some type of pins for our rides but don’t know where to start for ordering so any ideas are welcome. I would give them out to finishers and ask to cover my cost….likely less than $2 each.

Congrats to everyone and see you again next time, likely in April for the next scheduled ride. I’m still working on some additional routes, a 100K and 200K out of Harlingen. The 100K is ready to submit for approval.

Remember if you want to be a RUSA member you can sign up or renew at www.rusa.org

See you out there on the bike paths, be safe and keep riding. To all the riders who have participated in 2014 and 2015 and now 2016 rides, thanks for being there and keeping the sport of Randonneuring alive in South Texas. More fun will be had in the future.


Richard Cavin
South Texas RBA
RUSA #8720

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