July 8th Randos

On Saturday, July 8th we had 15 riders show up for three different distances. The 301K (188 miles) and 205K (128 miles) riders started early at 5 AM. The 109K (68 miles) started at 7 AM. The weather turned out really good for July. The only hitch was for the 301K riders who had to wait out a severe thunderstorm in Elsa, TX for about an hour and a half. They showed great patience in waiting out the storm at a Whataburger.

All 7 109K riders finished, 2 of the 4 205K riders finished and all 4 of the 301K riders finished. Amazing job everyone. Look for more events to be posted soon. Thanks everyone for riding and supporting the sport of Randonneuring in South Texas! Below are some pictures from the ride.

Richard Cavin, RBA RUSA #8720

109K riders getting it done
Fun in Combes, TX at mile 52
The 300K riders still smiling after 188 miles!
Good job Israel on your 205K ride at 18.5 MPH Average!
Beautiful sunrise, let’s ride!
Are we ready for 188 miles! It’s 5AM and ready to go!
Ready for 128+ miles at 5AM.
In Combes, TX…I’m there in the blue SB250 jersey.


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