March 25th Rando – Harlingen TX

Hello everyone,

For the March 25, 2017 ride in Harlingen, TX we have less than 10 registered for the 205K. No one is currently registered for the 301K so I am assuming there will be no riders for the 300K.

For those who complete the 200 or 300K it will be your last chance to earn a Paris Rando medal in 2017 (for south Texas). You must also be a current RUSA member.

Some people have expressed an interest in doing the 109K (unofficially). I will have cards and sheets for those riders.

It is supposed to be hot but hopefully the wind will calm down.

We have wheels down at 7AM so just before dawn. Bring your lights and reflective gear! Helmets are also required.

Since I have to discuss a portion of the route there will be a route meeting at 6:45 so be there early.

There are restrooms at the sports complex that are usually open but a Stripes is one mile down the road if needed.

I will not be riding the 200 due to being sick this week but hope I can ride some on Saturday…we’ll see.

If you know of anyone who is riding and has not registered please remind them.

See everyone Saturday, bright and early.

Remember if you want to be a RUSA member you can sign up or renew at

Routes and cue sheets are here: Routes

To register please click here: Event Registration

I will have cue cards and cue sheets at the event.

See you out there on the bike paths, be safe and keep riding. To all the riders who have participated in 2014, 2015, 2016 and now 2017 rides, thanks for being there and keeping the sport of Randonneuring alive in South Texas. More fun will be had in the future.

Richard Cavin

RBA, RGV Randos

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