May 19th and 26th Randos

Everyone the May Randos are fast approaching. If you or your friends plan on registering please do as soon as possible. Reminder that registration is free.

Harlingen Soccer Complex  for May 19th and Harlingen Home Depot for May 26th.

(register now)

For May 19th the options are 109K, 204K or 300K. For May 26th we will have the VERY FIRST 400K event in the RGV.

I’d like riders who are considering the 400K to register now so I can contact everyone and arrange a pre-ride meeting. I also am recruiting one or two people from the upper valley who can help out during the evening of the 26th for any stranded riders, etc. Wheels down time is projected to be 5AM.

The new 401K route can be viewed here:

Once you register you will get an email with a link to the routes and a copy of the queue sheet for your review ahead of the event. So register now, LOL 🙂

I will also host the summer Populaires again this year. Last year they were very popular. Stay tuned for future dates.

As always everything you want to know about RUSA is here:

Please consider registering as a RUSA member for 2018 on the website. We need to get our membership up for the RGV. We have a LOT of riders but not too many members.

Thanks for your support and riding.

Richard Cavin. South Texas RBA, RGV Randos
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