August 20th Rando

It’s looks like we will have a large turnout for the 109K RUSA Populaire this Sunday! For those new to Randonneuring here are some general guidelines. Please be at Harlingen Soccer complex no later than 6:30 (rear parking lot) Time limit for the “El Roboto” 109K Populaire is 7AM to 2:16PM. (68.2 miles) Each rider […]

July 8, 2017 Randos

Hello everyone, To register please click here: Event Registration For July 8th we have the following: Time limit for 109K is 7AM to 2:16PM. (68 miles) Time limit for 205K is 5AM to 6:40PM. (128 miles) (non ACP) Time limit for 301K is 5AM to 1:04AM. (188 miles) (next morning) (non ACP) We have wheels […]