November Rides – Update

Hello everyone, (Updated Nov 3, 2015)

Just a reminder that the third and last RGV Randos event for 2015 is scheduled for Saturday, November 14th, 2015. Wheels down at 7 AM sharp, which is the official start time whether you are late or not.

All three routes are now approved. You have a choice of doing either a 100K, 200K or 300K. RUSA routes #1826, #1851 and #1853. Routes are here:

All the new routes will begin and end in Edinburg, TX at the home of the 5AM Group (Starbucks on 2702 West University, Edinburg)

Why new routes for Edinburg?

  • The upper valley riders wanted a start in their area and a change in scenery is nice.
  • The traffic on HWY 100 and US Hwy 281 has really started to concern me, especially during certain times of the year. Remember we have three events a year.
  • The Hwy department informed me that the bridge in Rio Hondo would be closed and under construction starting in Sept 2015 for six months…so well, that has not happened yet but will likely in the future so we needed other routes

Remember if you want to be a RUSA member you can sign up anytime. Current yearly rate is $25 and their magazine is really good, plus you are promoting the sport of cycling and Randonneeuring

Don’t forget lights and reflective gear when you ride; they are required!!

I often get questions related to rules about this sport. Please take a few minutes to review this link:

Pay SPECIAL attention to article 6 in relation to personal support or SAG.

There is currently no charge for doing one of these rides.

See you out there on the bike paths, be safe and keep riding. To all the riders who have participated so far in 2015, thanks for being there and keeping the sport of Randonneuring alive in South Texas.


Richard Cavin
South Texas RBA
RUSA #8720

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