Rider Story – Noe Valdez

Noe Valdez was nice enough to send me his story of his Rando events he has completed. Way to go Noe even though you got lost and added some extra miles 🙂

Hope to see him out there in future events!!

Story by Noe Valdez

I have done two 200k Randos on a folding bike.
My Trek was stolen and I don’t have the extra cash to spend that much on a bike anymore, so I converted my commuter folding bike into something else.
I’m not the fastest rider, but I finished.

Here is what it looks like now.


Here Is a photo showing the few extra miles I rode on my first Rando attempt. I took a wrong turn somewhere and went back to get back on course at the same spot so it would not count as taking a short cut. After hitting some strong winds that day, and the few extra miles, I thought I wasn’t going to make it.

My friend Jamee Cole pushed me to finish.


Here I am, ecstatic that I finished.


Work and family commitments have kept me from training harder, but I still hope to complete another 200k Rando this year, and hopefully a 300k ride before the year is out. It will be my first 300k attempt. I thought I would wait till I got a better suited bike for that, but now I actually do want to attempt a 300k on this little folding bike.

Jose Noe Valdez
Keller Williams Realty RGV


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