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Hello everyone,

We are currently scheduled to have two more RUSA Brevets on November 15, 2014. One is 200K and the other is 300K.

Our 2015 rides dates have been approved by RUSA as follows:

2015/01/24 RUSAB 200
2015/01/24 RUSAB 300
2015/03/28 RUSAB 200
2015/03/28 RUSAB 300
2015/11/14 RUSAB 200
2015/11/14 RUSAB 300

For those who plan to ride on Nov 15th, 2014 please get me your forms early!! I would really appreciate it. Remember there is no cost for the event so if you’re thinking about riding get your forms done and send them in via email.

I will have completed cards from Randos earlier this year to hand out at the ride.

Note the start time of 7AM so that is the official time, so be there early.

Lights, reflective clothing are required for 300K and are a good idea anyway.

Here is a new guide to reflective gear for RANDOS:


All forms you need are posted on the website.

Some other news. I met with City of Weslaco officials this week and got permission to start/end Brevets in Weslaco. Good news! So I will be designing new routes that are mid-valley. I’m also working on a route that will start/end in Harlingen at the soccer fields on Hwy 106. More details to follow. Goal will be to have different routes for all three events in 2015.

Remember if you want to be a RUSA member you can sign up at


See you out there on the bike paths, be safe and keep riding.


Richard Cavin
South Texas RBA
RUSA #8720
Email: rgvrandos@gmail.com

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