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As we are nearing the end of 2017 I’d like to thank all of the riders who have ridden and have supported the sport of Randonneuring in the RGV. Also the volunteers.

I’d like to “push” everyone to please consider joining RUSA. It is only $25 a year, and I will do everything I can to keep our rides free and with some minimum donations I will continue to provide the PINS we all love. Most other RANDO clubs require riders to be a member to ride…I don’t require it and continue to allow guests to ride, but having members would be nice.

If you become a member there are many benefits such as a nice handbook, quarterly magazine and you are helping to keep the sport of Randonneuring alive in the USA. Here is a full list of why you should be a member and policy.



Since 2019 is a Paris Brest Paris (PBP) year and 2018 is the “20th Anniversary” of RUSA it makes for a big year in Randos. I plan to add a 20th Anniversary Event in August 2018.

I will have a minimum of seven events in 2018 with the promise of more. Where can you ride seven events with your crazy cycling friends for $25? Yes I know there is no SAG and rest stops….but it’s still fun.

I’m committed to the sport of Randos in South Texas, how about you? I continue to work on more routes, one is already submitted, using the brand new Hwy 106 section to Laguna Atascosa. So stay tuned, 400K is near.

You can easily register via the RUSA website (paypal) or by sending in a check or money order. Select RGV Randos as the club when you register.

2017 was easily a record year for Randos in South Texas, let’s bust that record in 2018! My goal is to get at least 50 members for 2018, crazy? Also would like to consider the idea of a RGV Randos jersey/kit so suggestions are welcome.

For those who are current members or were in the past, thanks!!

You can register here for 2018 and up to three years.


Oh yeah, still looking for volunteers (before or during ride). If you volunteer you can still ride the event early or right after as I often do to get credit. Even a small group if you agree to volunteer. This gives you some flexibility if you want.

I will post registration for the first event on Jan 13th soon.

Richard Cavin, South Texas RBA


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