Please click on links for the appropriate route (scroll down for locations). Permanents are listed here: Permanents for RGV


RUSA Populaire – Approved 100K Route Edinburg (1853)

RUSA #1853 – 100K El Pistola – Edinburg, TX Cue Sheet

RUSA #1853 – 100K El Pistola  – Edinburg, TX Ride with GPS Map

RUSA #1853 – 100K El Pistola Map – Edinburg, TX

RUSA Brevet – Approved 204K Route Edinburg (1826)

RUSA #1826 – 204K Sitting Rabbit – Edinburg, TX Cue Sheet

RUSA #1826 – 204K Sitting Rabbit – Edinburg, TX Ride with GPS Map

RUSA #1826 – 204K Sitting Rabbit Map – Edinburg, TX

RUSA Brevet – Approved 301K Route Edinburg (1851)

RUSA #1851 – 301K Anteater – Edinburg, TX Cue Sheet

RUSA #1851 – 301K Anteater – Edinburg, TX Ride with GPS Map

RUSA #1851 – 301K Anteater Route Map – Edinburg, TX

Harlingen, TX (Soccer Complex Routes)

RUSA #1907 – 109K – Harlingen (El Roboto) (Soccer Complex)

RUSA #1921 – 205K – Harlingen (Soccer Complex)

RUSA #2000 – 301K – Harlingen (Parajo Loco)

109K Harlingen TX HSC El Roboto Route Cue Sheet

205K Harlingen TX HSC Route Cue Sheet

RUSA #1921 – 205K – Harlingen (Soccer Complex) – 5 AM Start – Cue Sheet

300K Harlingen TX HSC Pajaro Loco Route Cue Sheet

RUSA #2000 – 301K – Harlingen (Parajo Loco) – 5 AM Start – Cue Sheet

Port Isabel, TX Approved Routes (inactive until Rio Hondo Bridge is complete)
RUSA #530 – 200K – Port Isabel

RUSA # 531 – 300K – Port Isabel

RUSA Brevet – Approved 200K Route Port Isabel (530)

March 22 2014 200K Map

RUSA #530 – Port Isabel 200K Route

RUSA Brevet – Approved 300K Route Port Isabel (531)

PDF Version of 300K Map

RUSA #531 – Port Isabel 300K Route

5 comments on “Routes

    1. Hello Elma, thanks for the questions.

      By definition RUSA events, Brevets, etc are self supported rides. In other words there is no SAG support. The routes are designed to go by convenience stores as control points. More info here or via the blog post I made last week.

      If you can’t finish I’ll need to report you as a DNF (did not finish) and you will be responsible for getting someone to pick you up…although I don’t plan to leave anyone stranded. Just a note I plan to ride the event myself.

      There is no fee, although you are encouraged to register with RUSA for $20 a year to get completed rides recognized, but that is voluntary.

      The 200K and 300K events are one day and there is a time limit. That info is on the cue cards available for download on this site via the “event schedule” link on the website. Start time is posted there along with notes of when to arrive.

      I know it’s a little confusing but let me know if you would like a call to discuss. I see you posted your phone number, so I’d be more than happy to call, what time is best?

      Or email me at and I can answer questions there.

      I’d like to see you participate and thanks again for your interest.

      Richard Cavin

  1. Good afternoon, I’ve registered, tried to register three times already but have not received my e-mail confirmation. This makes me a bit worried. Please share your thoughts on this matter.

    1. Ramon, you are registered. For some reason the email does not always work.

      Richard Cavin

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