Jan 27, 2018 Randos

Everyone the Jan 27, 2018 ride at Port Isabel Lighthouse is almost here. Please park in the back of the parking lot near the fishing pier. Do not use the spots near the lighthouse since we want to keep those clear for local businesses.

We have some riders registered please remind others to register. I realize there is another ride on Sunday and other conflicting events but I must turn my dates in almost 9 months in advance so it is almost impossible to avoid conflicts. The 200K and 300K riders will have wheels down at 7 AM. the new 121K (75 mile) route will start at 7:30 AM. I am currently planning to ride the 121K route.

The 200K and 300K routes have a different route due to the Rio Hondo Bridge still being closed.

Registration here: http://www.rgvrandos.org/events/

If you are a RUSA member remember to bring your number to put on your card.

All routes are viewable here (use detour routes):


As always everything you want to know about RUSA is here: www.rusa.org

Please consider registering as a RUSA member for 2018 on the website. We need to get our membership up for the RGV. We have a LOT of riders but not too many members.

Thanks for your support and riding.

Richard Cavin. South Texas RBA, RGV Randos

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