May 19th and 26th Randos

Everyone the May Randos are fast approaching. If you or your friends plan on registering please do as soon as possible. Reminder that registration is free. Harlingen Soccer Complex  for May 19th and Harlingen Home Depot for May 26th. (register now) For May 19th the options are 109K, 204K or 300K. For May 26th […]

Jan 13, 2018 Randos

Everyone the Jan 13, 2018 ride at Harlingen Soccer Complex is almost here and the forecast is looking great. I will be closing registration by noon Friday. We have riders for the 109K, 200K and 300K. Anyone riding the 300K will need to park behind the Stripes at Hwy 106 and Loop 499 because the […]

2018 Events

Everyone the 2018 events I submitted for ACP have been approved. Dates are as follows: Harlingen Soccer Complex (register now) 2018/01/13 100 km, 200 and 300 Port Isabel Lighthouse (register now) 2018/01/27 RUSAP  121 km, 200 and 300 Locations to be determined (5 more dates) 2018/02/24, 2018/03/17, 2018/04/14, 2018/05/19, 2018/09/29 100 km, 200 and 300 […]